Commit 03eba9cd authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu Committed by Quanah Gibson-Mount
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ITS#9282 fix crash in nonpresent_callback

In a standard Refresh present phase, the provider sends no cookie
since it is only listing the entries that existed as of the time
in the cookie the consumer sent. In this case the consumer only
needs to check entryCSNs against its last sent cookie.
parent 5162d388
......@@ -4613,6 +4613,9 @@ nonpresent_callback(
if ( present_uuid == NULL ) {
int covered = 1; /* covered by our new contextCSN? */
if ( !syncCookie )
syncCookie = &si->si_syncCookie;
/* TODO: This can go once we can build a filter that takes care of
* the check for us */
a = attr_find( rs->sr_entry->e_attrs, slap_schema.si_ad_entryCSN );
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