Commit 1e5d7983 authored by Leonid Yuriev's avatar Leonid Yuriev Committed by Hallvard Furuseth
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ITS#7969 LMDB: volatile.

Globally shared fields of meta-data were not 'volatile'.
Code from 9a80a8a8,
except the unportable __synchronize().
parent ea80418c
......@@ -588,11 +588,11 @@ typedef struct MDB_rxbody {
* started from so we can avoid overwriting any data used in that
* particular version.
txnid_t mrb_txnid;
volatile txnid_t mrb_txnid;
/** The process ID of the process owning this reader txn. */
MDB_PID_T mrb_pid;
volatile MDB_PID_T mrb_pid;
/** The thread ID of the thread owning this txn. */
MDB_THR_T mrb_tid;
volatile MDB_THR_T mrb_tid;
} MDB_rxbody;
/** The actual reader record, with cacheline padding. */
......@@ -640,12 +640,12 @@ typedef struct MDB_txbody {
* This is recorded here only for convenience; the value can always
* be determined by reading the main database meta pages.
txnid_t mtb_txnid;
volatile txnid_t mtb_txnid;
/** The number of slots that have been used in the reader table.
* This always records the maximum count, it is not decremented
* when readers release their slots.
unsigned mtb_numreaders;
volatile unsigned mtb_numreaders;
} MDB_txbody;
/** The actual reader table definition. */
......@@ -916,7 +916,7 @@ typedef struct MDB_meta {
/** Any persistent environment flags. @ref mdb_env */
#define mm_flags mm_dbs[0].md_flags
pgno_t mm_last_pg; /**< last used page in file */
txnid_t mm_txnid; /**< txnid that committed this page */
volatile txnid_t mm_txnid; /**< txnid that committed this page */
} MDB_meta;
/** Buffer for a stack-allocated meta page.
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