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Such in changes from HEAD

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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ ETCDIR/slapd.conf
The LDBM backend to
.BR slapd (8)
is a database which uses one of BerkelyDB, Gnu DBM, MDBM or NDBM to
is a database which uses one of BerkeleyDB, GNU DBM, MDBM or NDBM to
store data.
It makes extensive use of indexing and caching to speed data access.
......@@ -5,9 +5,13 @@ slapd-sql \- SQL backend to slapd
The primary purpose of this backend (8) to
.BR slapd (8)
is to PRESENT information stored in some RDBMS as an LDAP subtree
backend is currently disabled.
The primary purpose of this
.BR slapd (8)
backend is to PRESENT information stored in some RDBMS as an LDAP subtree
without any programming (some SQL and maybe stored procedures can't be
considered programming, anyway ;).
......@@ -104,24 +104,7 @@ forms as well as numeric OIDs to be used for the attribute OID and
attribute syntax OID.
(See the
.B objectidentifier
description.) Currently the syntax name parser is case-sensitive.
The known syntax names are:
.PD 0
AttributeTypeDescription Audio Binary BitString Certificate CertificateList
CertificatePair DN DeliveryMethod DirectoryString DITContentRuleDescription
DITStructureRuleDescription EnhancedGuide FacsimileTelephoneNumber
GeneralizedTime Guide IA5String Integer MatchingRuleDescription
MatchingRuleUseDescription MailPreference NameAndOptionalUUID
NameFormDescription NumericString ObjectClassDescription OID
OtherMailbox OctetString PostalAddress ProtocolInformation
PresentationAddress PrintableString SupportedAlgorithm TelephoneNumber
TeletexTerminalIdentifier TelexNumber UTCTime LDAPSyntaxDescription
SubstringAssertion NISnetgrouptriple Bootparameter
.B concurrency <integer>
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