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Update LMDB version date/info

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LMDB 0.9 Change Log
LMDB 0.9.14 Engineering
Fix to support 64K page size (ITS#7713)
Fix cursor bug when deleting last node of a DUPSORT key
Fix mdb_env_info to return FIXEDMAP address
Fix mdb_copy copying past end of file (ITS#7886)
Fix cursor bugs from page_merge/rebalance
Fix to dirty fewer pages in deletes (mdb_page_loose()
Fix Windows compat issues in mtests (ITS#7879)
Add compacting variant of mdb_copy
Add BigEndian integer key compare code
Add mdb_dump/mdb_load utilities
LMDB 0.9.13 Release (2014/06/18)
Fix mdb_page_alloc unlimited overflow page search
......@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@ typedef int mdb_filehandle_t;
/** The release date of this library version */
#define MDB_VERSION_DATE "June 20, 2014"
#define MDB_VERSION_DATE "July 8, 2014"
/** A stringifier for the version info */
#define MDB_VERSTR(a,b,c,d) "LMDB " #a "." #b "." #c ": (" d ")"
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