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sasl updates

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......@@ -878,8 +878,8 @@ default, readonly is off.
.B replica host=<hostname>[:port] [tls=yes|critical]
.B [suffix=<suffix> [...]]
.B bindmethod=simple|sasl [binddn=<simple DN>] [credentials=<simple password>]
.B [saslmech=<SASL mech>] [secopts=<options>] [realm=<realm>]
.B [authcId=<authentication ID>] [authcId=<authentication ID>]
.B [saslmech=<SASL mech>] [secprops=<properties>] [realm=<realm>]
.B [authcId=<authentication ID>] [authzId=<authorization ID>]
.B [attr[!]=<attr list>]
Specify a replication site for this database. Refer to the "OpenLDAP
......@@ -903,6 +903,13 @@ of
.B sasl
requires the option
.B saslmech.
Specific security properties (as with the
.B sasl-secprops
keyword above) for a SASL bind can be set with the
.B secprops
option. A non-default SASL realm can be set with the
.B realm
If the
.B mechanism
will use Kerberos, a kerberos instance should be given in
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