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Update slapd.overlays.5 manpage index

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......@@ -36,6 +36,12 @@ This overlay allows automatic referral chasing when a referral would
have been returned, either when configured by the server or when
requested by the client.
.B collect
Collective Attributes.
This overlay implements RFC 3671 collective attributes; these
attributes share common values over all the members of the collection
as inherited from an ancestor entry.
.B constraint
This overlay enforces a regular expression constraint on all values
......@@ -57,6 +63,16 @@ It has no effect on any other operations.
Dynamic List.
This overlay allows expansion of dynamic groups and more.
.B memberof
This overlay maintains automatic reverse group membership values,
typically stored in an attribute called memberOf.
.B pbind
This overlay forwards simple bind requests on a local database to a
remote LDAP server.
.B pcache
This overlay allows caching of LDAP search requests in a local database.
......@@ -90,6 +106,12 @@ This overlay is experimental.
It performs basic DN/data rewrite and
objectClass/attributeType mapping.
.B sssvlv
Server Side Sorting and Virtual List Views.
This overlay implements the RFC2891 server-side sorting control and
virtual list view controls, and replaces the RFC2696 paged-results
implementation to ensure it works with the sorting technique.
.B syncprov
Syncrepl Provider.
This overlay implements the provider-side support for
......@@ -126,15 +148,19 @@ default slapd configuration directory
.BR slapo\-accesslog (5),
.BR slapo\-auditlog (5),
.BR slapo\-chain (5),
.BR slapo\-collect (5),
.BR slapo\-constraint (5),
.BR slapo\-dds (5),
.BR slapo\-dyngroup (5),
.BR slapo\-dynlist (5),
.BR slapo\-memberof (5),
.BR slapo\-pbind (5),
.BR slapo\-pcache (5),
.BR slapo\-ppolicy (5),
.BR slapo\-refint (5),
.BR slapo\-retcode (5),
.BR slapo\-rwm (5),
.BR slapo\-sssvlv (5),
.BR slapo\-syncprov (5),
.BR slapo\-translucent (5),
.BR slapo\-unique (5).
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