Commit 997b28d0 authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu
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ITS#9348 don't declare sys_errlist if not present

If HAVE_SYS_ERRLIST is false, nothing uses them anyway, so the
declarations serve no purpose. Just breaks the compile if the
library actually defines them (and we are avoiding using them).
parent d63287e2
......@@ -23,11 +23,7 @@
# include <sys/errno.h>
/* no sys_errlist */
# define sys_nerr 0
# define sys_errlist ((char **)0)
#elif defined( DECL_SYS_ERRLIST )
#if defined( HAVE_SYS_ERRLIST ) && defined( DECL_SYS_ERRLIST )
/* have sys_errlist but need declaration */
LDAP_LIBC_V(int) sys_nerr;
LDAP_LIBC_V(char) *sys_errlist[];
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