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......@@ -225,3 +225,6 @@ Berkeley DB configuration file
Berkeley DB documentation.
.so ../Project
Originally begun by Kurt Zeilenga. Caching mechanisms originally designed
by Jong-Hyuk Choi. Completion and subsequent work, as well as
back-hdb, by Howard Chu.
......@@ -36,6 +36,17 @@ This overlay allows automatic referral chasing when a referral would
have been returned, either when configured by the server or when
requested by the client.
.B constraint
This overlay enforces a regular expression constraint on all values
of specified attributes. It is used to enforce a more rigourous
syntax when the underlying attribute syntax is too general.
.B dds
Dynamic Directory Services.
This overlay supports dynamic objects, which have a limited life after
which they expire and are automatically deleted.
.B dyngroup
Dynamic Group.
This is a demo overlay which extends the Compare operation to detect
......@@ -98,6 +109,11 @@ Attribute Uniqueness.
This overlay can be used with a backend database such as
.BR slapd-bdb (5)
to enforce the uniqueness of some or all attributes within a subtree.
.B valsort
Value Sorting.
This overlay can be used to enforce a specific order for the values
of an attribute when it is returned in a search.
......@@ -110,6 +126,9 @@ default slapd configuration directory
.BR slapo\-accesslog (5),
.BR slapo\-auditlog (5),
.BR slapo\-chain (5),
.BR slapo\-constraint (5),
.BR slapo\-dds (5),
.BR slapo\-dyngroup (5),
.BR slapo\-dynlist (5),
.BR slapo\-pcache (5),
.BR slapo\-ppolicy (5),
......@@ -119,6 +138,7 @@ default slapd configuration directory
.BR slapo\-syncprov (5),
.BR slapo\-translucent (5),
.BR slapo\-unique (5).
.BR slapo\-valsort (5).
.BR slapd\-config (5),
.BR slapd.conf (5),
.BR slapd.backends (5),
.\" Copyright 2005-2007 The OpenLDAP Foundation All Rights Reserved.
.\" Copying restrictions apply. See COPYRIGHT/LICENSE.
.\" $OpenLDAP$
slapo-dyngroup \- Dynamic Group overlay
The Dynamic Group overlay allows clients to use LDAP Compare operations
to test the membership of a dynamic group the same way they would check
against a static group. Compare operations targeting a group's static
member attribute will be intercepted and tested against the configured
dynamic group's URL attribute.
Note that this intercept only happens if the actual
Compare operation does not return a LDAP_COMPARE_TRUE result. So if a
group has both static and dynamic members, the static member list will
be checked first.
.B slapd.conf
option applies to the Dynamic Group overlay.
It should appear after the
.B overlay
.B attrpair <memberAttr> <URLattr>
Specify the attributes to be compared. A compare operation on the
.I memberAttr
will cause the
.I URLattr
to be evaluated for the result.
database bdb
overlay dyngroup
attrpair member memberURL
default slapd configuration file
.BR slapd.conf (5).
Howard Chu
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