Commit 183e49dc authored by Nachiappan Palaniappan's avatar Nachiappan Palaniappan
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Made changes to listen events with the changed LDAP Response structure as well.

parent 0c5c4f69
......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ import com.novell.ldap.rfc2251.RfcAddResponse;
import com.novell.ldap.rfc2251.RfcCompareResponse;
import com.novell.ldap.rfc2251.RfcControls;
import com.novell.ldap.rfc2251.RfcDelResponse;
import com.novell.ldap.rfc2251.RfcIntermediateResponse;
import com.novell.ldap.rfc2251.RfcLDAPDN;
import com.novell.ldap.rfc2251.RfcLDAPMessage;
import com.novell.ldap.rfc2251.RfcLDAPString;
......@@ -343,6 +344,10 @@ public class LDAPResponse extends LDAPMessage
if( exception != null) {
return exception.getResultCode();
if (((RfcResponse)message.getResponse()) instanceof RfcIntermediateResponse)
return 0;
return ((RfcResponse)message.getResponse()).getResultCode().intValue();
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