Commit 60be63d6 authored by Marc Boorshtein's avatar Marc Boorshtein
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ITS-3911: Applied patch to rename enum->enumer

parent 0f96bd2c
......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ public class LDAPVirtualListResponse extends LDAPControl
throw new IOException("Decoding error");
/* The 3rd element is an enum containing the errorcode */
/* The 3rd element is an enumer containing the errorcode */
ASN1Object asn1Enum = ((ASN1Sequence)asnObj).get(2);
if ( (asn1Enum != null) && (asn1Enum instanceof ASN1Enumerated) )
m_resultCode =((ASN1Enumerated)asn1Enum).intValue();
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