Commit 97b406ff authored by Steve Sonntag's avatar Steve Sonntag
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setQualifier not working correctly in schema classes. Rebuild

schema string after a setQualifier call so that the qualifiers
become part of the schema.
parent e951b75a
......@@ -179,9 +179,18 @@ public abstract class LDAPSchemaElement extends LDAPAttribute {
public String toString()
return super.getStringValue();
return formatString();
* Implementations of formatString format a schema element into a string
* suitable for using in a modify (ADD) operation to the directory.
* toString uses this method. This method is needed because a call to
* setQualifier requires reconstructing the string value of the schema
* element.
abstract protected String formatString();
* Sets the values of a specified optional or non-standard qualifier of
* the element.
......@@ -198,6 +207,12 @@ public abstract class LDAPSchemaElement extends LDAPAttribute {
AttributeQualifier attrQualifier =
new AttributeQualifier( name, values );
hashQualifier.put(name, attrQualifier);
* This is the only method that modifies the schema element.
* We need to reset the attribute value since it has changed.
super.setValue( formatString() );
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