Commit b6e54483 authored by Nachiappan Palaniappan's avatar Nachiappan Palaniappan
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DN.DescendantOf() was returning wrong values out. This is the fix for the issue.

parent 5f67a54a
......@@ -647,15 +647,15 @@ public class DN extends Object
int j = this.rdnList.size() -1; //index to an RDN of the ContainedDN
//Search from the end of the DN for an RDN that matches the end RDN of
while ( !((RDN)this.rdnList.get(j--)).equals(
if(i > j) // the length of the container DN should always be less than the contained one
return false ;
while ( !((RDN)this.rdnList.get(j--)).equals((RDN)containerDN.rdnList.get(i))){
if (j <= 0)
return false;
//if the end RDN of containerDN does not have any equal
//RDN in rdnList, then containerDN does not contain this DN
i--; //avoid a redundant compare
//step backwards to verify that all RDNs in containerDN exist in this DN
for (/* i, j */ ; i>=0 && j >=0; i--, j--){
if (!((RDN)this.rdnList.get(j)).equals(
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