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    ITS#7428 Use non-blocking IO during SSL Handshake · c728ebf5
    Ralf Haferkamp authored
    If a timeout is set, perform the SSL Handshake using non-blocking IO.  This way
    we can timeout if SSL Handshake gets stuck for whatever reason.
    This code is currently hidden behind #ifdefs (LDAP_USE_NON_BLOCKING_TLS) and
    disabled by default as there seem to be some problems using NON-blocking
    I/O during the TLS Handshake when linking against NSS (either a bug in NSS
    itself of in tls_m.c, see discussion on -devel)
    This patch adds an additional parameter to ldap_int_poll() in order to indicate
    if we're waiting in order to perform a read or write operation.