Commit 24f437df authored by Hallvard Furuseth's avatar Hallvard Furuseth Committed by Howard Chu
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Less hungry mdb_pages_xkeep()

Skip pages that are dirty only in an ancestor txn
parent 97291744
......@@ -2297,11 +2297,11 @@ mdb_pages_xkeep(MDB_cursor *mc, unsigned pflags, int all)
for (j=0; j<m3->mc_snum; j++) {
mp = m3->mc_pg[j];
if ((mp->mp_flags & Mask) == pflags)
if (IS_DIRTY_NW(txn, mp))
if (IS_WRITABLE(txn, mp))
mp->mp_flags ^= P_KEEP;
if (MC_OVPG(m3) && ((MC_OVPG(m3)->mp_flags & Mask) == pflags) &&
IS_DIRTY_NW(txn, MC_OVPG(m3)))
MC_OVPG(m3)->mp_flags ^= P_KEEP;
mx = m3->mc_xcursor;
/* Proceed to mx if it is at a sub-database */
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