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rdwr.h from orielly examples (with multiple inclusion protection)

parent cb587e9b
#define _LTHREAD_RDWR_H 1
* An example source module to accompany...
* "Using POSIX Threads: Programming with Pthreads"
* by Brad nichols, Dick Buttlar, Jackie Farrell
* O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
* Include file for reader/writer locks
typedef struct rdwr_var {
int readers_reading;
int writer_writing;
pthread_mutex_t mutex;
pthread_cond_t lock_free;
} pthread_rdwr_t;
typedef void * pthread_rdwrattr_t;
#define pthread_rdwrattr_default NULL;
int pthread_rdwr_init_np(pthread_rdwr_t *rdwrp, pthread_rdwrattr_t *attrp);
int pthread_rdwr_rlock_np(pthread_rdwr_t *rdwrp);
int pthread_rdwr_runlock_np(pthread_rdwr_t *rdwrp);
int pthread_rdwr_wlock_np(pthread_rdwr_t *rdwrp);
int pthread_rdwr_wunlock_np(pthread_rdwr_t *rdwrp);
#endif /* _LTHREAD_RDWR_H */
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