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An quick index of RFCs

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This is an index of RFC contained in this directory:
STD Standard
DS Draft Standard
PS Proposed Standard
I Information
E Experimental
rfc1274.txt COSINE and Internet X.500 Schema (PS)
rfc1275.txt X.500 Replication Requirements (I)
rfc1279.txt X.500 and Domains (E)
rfc1308.txt Executive Intro to Directory Services - X.500 (FYI13)
rfc1309.txt Technical Overview of Directory Services - X.500 (FYI14)
rfc1430.txt Plan for Deploying an Internet X.500 Directory Service (I)
rfc1617.txt Naming and Structuring Guidelines for X.500 Directory Pilots (I)
rfc1777.txt Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (DS)
rfc1778.txt LDAP String Representation of Attribute Types (DS)
rfc1779.txt LDAP String Representation of DNs (DS)
rfc1781.txt Using the OSI Directory to Achieve User Friendly Naming (PS)
rfc1798.txt Connection-less LDAP (PS)
rfc1823.txt LDAP C API (I)
rfc1959.txt LDAP URL Format (PS)
rfc1960.txt LDAP String Representation of Search Filters (DS)
rfc2079.txt X.500 Attribute Type and an Object Class to Hold URIs (PS)
rfc2119.txt Key words (BCP14)
rfc2164.txt X.500/LDAP MIXER address mapping (PS)
rfc2218.txt Common Schema for the Internet White Pages Service (PS)
rfc2222.txt Simple Authentication and Security Layer (PS)
rfc2247.txt Using Domains in LDAP DNs (PS)
rfc2251.txt LDAPv3 Protocol (PS)
rfc2252.txt LDAPv3 Attribute Types (PS)
rfc2253.txt LDAPv3 Disinguished Name (PS)
rfc2254.txt LDAPv3 Search Filters (PS)
rfc2255.txt LDAPv3 URI (PS)
rfc2256.txt X.500(96) Schema for LDAPv3 (PS)
rfc2279.txt UTF-8 (DS)
rfc2293.txt Tables and Subtrees in the X.500 Directory (PS)
rfc2294.txt O/R Address hierarchy in the X.500 DIT (PS)
rfc2307.txt LDAP Network Information Services Schema (I)
rfc2377.txt LDAP Naming Plan (I)
rfc2559.txt Internet X.509 PKI Operational Protocols - LDAPv2 (PS)
rfc2587.txt Internet X.509 PKI LDAPv2 Schema (PS)
rfc2589.txt LDAPv3: Dynamic Directory Services Extensions (PS)
rfc2596.txt Use of Language Codes in LDAP (PS)
rfc2649.txt LDAPv3 Operational Signatures (E)
rfc2657.txt LDAPv2 Client vs. the Index Mesh (E)
rfc2696.txt LDAP Simple Paged Result Control (PS)
rfc2713.txt LDAP Java schema (I)
rfc2714.txt LDAP COBRA schema (I)
rfc2798.txt LDAP inetOrgPerson schema (I)
rfc2829.txt LDAPv3/Authentication Methods (PS)
rfc2830.txt LDAPv3/StartTLS (PS)
rfc2831.txt SASL/DIGEST-MD5 (PS)
rfc2849.txt LDIFv1 (PS)
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