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OpenLDAP 2.1 Change Log
OpenLDAP 2.1.3 Engineering
Fix slapd schema error alignment bug
Update slapd SASL proxy policy code
Update slapd require "strong" check
Add slapd disallow bind_simple_unprotected directive
Ass slapd SASL setpass support
Add slapd IPv4/v6 only options
Update back-bdb entry locking
Fixed slapd structuralObjectClass lastmod bug (ITS#1904)
Fixed slapd krbName bug (ITS#1913)
Fixed slapd schema error alignment bug
Fixed slapd excessive DN logging (ITS#1901)
Fixed slapd matched values malloc bug (ITS#1931)
Updated slapd SASL proxy policy code
Updated slapd require "strong" check
Added slapd disallow bind_simple_unprotected directive
Added slapd SASL setpass support
Added slapd IPv4/v6 only options
Updated back-bdb entry locking
Fixed back-ldap/meta mapping bug (ITS#1787)
Add back-monitor added monitorContext support
Added back-monitor added monitorContext support
Fixed back-perl ad_cname bug (ITS#1882)
Fixed libldap ldap_controls_dup() malloc bug (ITS#1898)
Remove lint
Fixed libldap openssl compat bug (ITS#1924)
Fixed ucgendat EOF bug (ITS#1917)
Removed lint
Build Environment
Add monitor backend test
Update <ac/socket.h> SHUT_RDWR
Fix SASL-less build issues
Fix back-perl build issues (ITS#1827)
Added cc missing check
Added monitor backend test
Updated <ac/socket.h> SHUT_RDWR
Fixed SASL-less build issues
Fixed back-perl build issues (ITS#1827)
Fixed libldap_r references.c issue (ITS#1922)
Added -ldb-4 detection (ITS#1888)
Disabled back-sql (ITS#1920)
Numerous manual page updates
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