Commit 7810dccd authored by Ondrej Kuznik's avatar Ondrej Kuznik Committed by Howard Chu
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ITS#7256 Let slapmodify ignore unknown operations

ldapmodify already does the same.
parent cede821c
......@@ -194,11 +194,8 @@ slapmodify( int argc, char **argv )
goto done;
fprintf( stderr, "%s: unknown request 0x%lx (line=%lu)\n",
progname, (unsigned long)lr.lr_op, lineno );
if( continuemode ) continue;
goto done;
/* record skipped e.g. version: or comment or something we don't handle yet */
local_rc = dnNormalize( 0, NULL, NULL, &lr.lr_dn, &ndn, NULL );
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