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Added lutil_pair()

parent 85a3baa8
......@@ -4,9 +4,9 @@
LIBRARY = liblutil.a
SRCS = base64.c debug.c detach.c \
md5.c passwd.c sha1.c getpass.c lockf.c utils.c
md5.c passwd.c sha1.c getpass.c lockf.c utils.c sockpair.c
OBJS = base64.o debug.o detach.o \
md5.o passwd.o sha1.o getpass.o lockf.o utils.o \
md5.o passwd.o sha1.o getpass.o lockf.o utils.o sockpair.o \
LDAP_INCDIR= ../../include
* Copyright 1998-1999 The OpenLDAP Foundation, All Rights Reserved.
#include "portable.h"
#include <ac/socket.h>
/* Return a pair of descriptors that are connected to each other. The
* returned descriptors are suitable for use with select(). The two
* descriptors may or may not be identical; the function may return
* the same descriptor number in both slots. It is guaranteed that
* data written on fds[1] will be readable on fds[0]. The returned
* descriptors may be datagram oriented, so data should be written
* in reasonably small pieces and read all at once. On Unix systems
* this function is best implemented using a single pipe() call.
int lutil_pair( int fds[2] )
struct sockaddr_in si;
int rc, len = sizeof(si);
int fd;
fd = socket( AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, 0 );
if (fd < 0)
return fd;
(void) memset( (void*) &si, 0, len );
si.sin_family = AF_INET;
si.sin_port = 0;
si.sin_addr.s_addr = htonl( INADDR_LOOPBACK );
if ( rc = bind( fd, (struct sockaddr *)&si, len ) )
fail: tcp_close(fd);
return rc;
if ( rc = getsockname( fd, (struct sockaddr *)&si, &len ) )
goto fail;
if ( rc = connect( fd, (struct sockaddr *)&si, len ) )
goto fail;
fds[0] = fds[1] = fd;
return 0;
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