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Fix a few typos

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......@@ -236,7 +236,7 @@ Specify the realm of authentication ID for SASL bind. The form of the realm
depends on the actual SASL mechanism used.
.BI \-X \ authzid
Specify the proxy authorization ID for SASL bind.
Specify the requested authorization ID for SASL bind.
.I authzid
must be one of the following formats:
.B dn:\c
......@@ -269,13 +269,13 @@ absence of any "replica:" lines.
If no "changetype:" line is present, the default is "add" if the -a
flag is set (or if the program was invoked as
.I ldapmodify)
.I ldapadd)
and "modify" otherwise.
If changetype is "modify" and no "add:", "replace:", or "delete:" lines
appear, the default is "replace" for and "add"
appear, the default is "replace" for
.BR ldapmodify (1)
and "add" for
.BR ldapadd (1).
Note that the above exceptions to the
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