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......@@ -94,6 +94,19 @@ The default is the same as
Specify the file protection mode that newly created database
index files should have.
The default is 0600.
.B searchstack <depth>
Specify the depth of the stack used for search filter evaluation.
Search filters are evaluated on a stack to accomodate nested AND / OR
clauses. An individual stack is assigned to each server thread.
The depth of the stack determines how complex a filter can be
evaluated without requiring any additional memory allocation. Filters that
are nested deeper than the search stack depth will cause a separate
stack to be allocated for that particular search operation. These
allocations can have a major negative impact on server performance,
but specifying too much stack will also consume a great deal of memory.
Each search stack uses 512K bytes per level. The default stack depth
is 16, thus 8MB per thread is used.
......@@ -1007,13 +1007,6 @@ required for each database definition.
If the suffix of one database is "inside" that of another, the database
with the inner suffix must come first in the configuration file.
.B suffixalias <alias> <aliased suffix>
Specify an alternate suffix that may be used to reference an already defined
database suffix. Operations specifying DNs residing under the alias
will execute as if they had specified the aliased suffix.
.I This feature is no supported in this version of
.BI slapd (8).
.B subordinate
Specify that the current backend database is a subordinate of another
backend database. A subordinate database may have only one suffix. This
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