Commit f1cd76db authored by Ondřej Kuzník's avatar Ondřej Kuzník Committed by Howard Chu
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ITS#8215 Use the correct transaction

parent f0f366ef
......@@ -173,8 +173,8 @@ int mdb_tool_entry_close(
slapd_shutdown = 0;
ch_free( mdb_tool_index_rec );
mdb_tool_index_tcount = mdb_tool_threads - 1;
if (txn)
MDB_TOOL_IDL_FLUSH( be, txn );
if (mdb_tool_txn)
MDB_TOOL_IDL_FLUSH( be, mdb_tool_txn );
for (i=0; i<mdb_tool_threads; i++) {
mdb_tool_idl_cache *ic;
mdb_tool_idl_cache_entry *ice;
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