Commit fc1bce94 authored by Kurt Zeilenga's avatar Kurt Zeilenga
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Remove config.status dependencies as most folks do not have latest

autoconf/automake environment and should always use provided configure.
parent 442c7e7a
......@@ -16,27 +16,6 @@ INSTALLDIRS= doc
makefiles: FORCE
${srcdir}/configure: aclocal.m4
cd ${srcdir} && autoconf
# autoheader might not change, so touch a stamp file
${srcdir}/ aclocal.m4 acconfig.h \
${srcdir}/include/ ${srcdir}/include/
cd ${srcdir} && autoheader
@echo timestamp > ${srcdir}/
./include/portable.h: stamp-h
stamp-h: config.status
Makefile: config.status
config.status: configure
./config.status --recheck
# force a make all before make install
# only done at the top-level
install-common: all FORCE
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