1. 08 Feb, 1999 9 commits
  2. 07 Feb, 1999 3 commits
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  4. 05 Feb, 1999 6 commits
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      Don't call idl_free() unless necessary. · dde7e3df
      Kurt Zeilenga authored
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      remove ;; typo · 63f5ec8f
      Kurt Zeilenga authored
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      Introduction of a new Berkeley DB version 2 (!) specific backend. · d92b9d3c
      Kurt Spanier authored
      BEWARE: the backend will be compiled.
              the backend will NOT be invoked, yet.
              the backend CANNOT be invoked, yet, because it is NOT yet
                  integrated into the new initialization/startup environment
                  of the slapd server.
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      Fix braindead signal handling in linux kernal threads. · 8107ec91
      Kurt Spanier authored
        First version with waiting on int to become 0; should be implemented
        via conditional variable...
      Fix of typos.
      First anchor for new bdb2 backend.
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      New Frontend->Backend Interface · 216049bd
      Kurt Zeilenga authored
      Separates per backend type from per backend database initialization
      	and startup.  Also supports per type / per backend shutdown.
      New frontend startup/shutdown routines are also provided:
      	slap_init() slap_startup() slap_shutdown() slap_destroy()
      New frontend->backend startup/shutdown is managed by:
      	backend_init() backend_startup() backend_shutdown backend_destroy
      backend_init() now calls bi_init() to initial all function pointers
      for the backend (excepting bi_init() which is now the only hardcoded
      entry point).  New entry points are detailed in slap.h struct
      backend_info.  backend_info is a per database type structure.
      Besides the new startup/shutdown entry points, the new interface
      also supports per backend type configuration options.  One could have:
      	backend bdb2	(new Berkeley DB 2 backend)
      	bdb2_home	/directory
      	database bdb2
      	*** This code is fairly experimental ***
      	*** Much cleanup and testing is still needed ***
      see slap.h for details on struct backend_db and backend_info.
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  5. 04 Feb, 1999 17 commits
  6. 03 Feb, 1999 2 commits