Commit 64fc67f4 authored by Kris Zyp's avatar Kris Zyp Committed by Howard Chu
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ITS#9385 fix using MDB_NOSUBDIR with nonexistent file

parent e2b82098
......@@ -5995,11 +5995,8 @@ mdb_env_open(MDB_env *env, const char *path, unsigned int flags, mdb_mode_t mode
#ifndef _WIN32
struct stat st;
rc = stat(path, &st);
if (rc)
return ErrCode();
flags &= ~MDB_RAWPART;
if (S_ISBLK(st.st_mode) || S_ISCHR(st.st_mode))
if (!stat(path, &st) && (S_ISBLK(st.st_mode) || S_ISCHR(st.st_mode)))
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