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    Enhance LDIF handling · b73b0c61
    Kurt Zeilenga authored
        use draft guidelines for determining when to use
        -t only writes binary attributes to files
        -tt writes all attributes to files
        output now lists URL instead of path to such files
        -T dir can be used to specify directory to create temp files in
        -V urlprefix can be used to change the URL prefix
        LDIF is now commented (can be disabled using -LL)
        LDIF now contains version attribute (can be disabled with -LLL)
        put interface changed to allow caller to specify how to encode
        put interface uses draft guidelines for determine when to base64 encode
        wrapping kludged to match old off by one bug
        removed trailing space from some attributes (to avoid base64 encoding)
        enabled -LLL in defines.sh (should sed output to remove
            wrapping/comments/redundant separators)
        updated codes outputting LDIF to use new put interface
        handling of version attribute on input
        handling of URLs on input (ie: fetch URL)