Commit 198b34db authored by Pierangelo Masarati's avatar Pierangelo Masarati
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back-relay doesn't like this

parent 2d4f58bb
......@@ -39,7 +39,19 @@ bdb_hasSubordinates(
assert( e );
/* NOTE: this should never happen, but it actually happens
* when using back-relay; until we find a better way to
* preserve entry's private information while rewriting it,
* let's disable the hasSubordinate feature for back-relay.
if ( BEI( e ) == NULL ) {
return LDAP_OTHER;
/* FIXME: we can no longer assume the entry's e_private
* field is correctly populated; so we need to reacquire
* it with reader lock */
rc = bdb_cache_children( op, NULL, e );
switch( rc ) {
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