Commit 1c8a9fdb authored by Pierangelo Masarati's avatar Pierangelo Masarati
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remove cruft

parent f9e17b53
* Short term:
- add missing functions (FIXED)
- review per-target error handling
- dn cache and cache exploitation to refine the candidate selection (?) (FIXED)
- review the group stuff (also in back-ldap!) (FIXED)
- review the attribute stuff (also in bacl-ldap)
note: this requires changing the acl stuff that checks "dnattr"
to call a backend specific function that determines what need
be done to retrieve the "dnattr" attribute from an entry.
- rework compare and bind to attempt to operate on all candidate entries
while checking at most one succeedes (FIXED, check bind)
- clear previously bound targets when the bind is repeated (FIXED)
- apply new logging to all the stuff (also in back-ldap)
* Long term:
- distributed entries
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