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......@@ -386,63 +386,6 @@ is closed. The default is 100.
.B conn_max_pending_auth <integer>
Specify the maximum number of pending requests for an authenticated session.
The default is 1000.
.\"-- NEW_LOGGING option --
.\".B debug <subsys> <level>
.\"Specify a logging level for a particular subsystem. The subsystems include
.\".B global
.\"a global level for all subsystems,
.\".B acl
.\"the ACL engine,
.\".B backend
.\"the backend databases,
.\".B cache
.\"the entry cache manager,
.\".B config
.\"the config file reader,
.\".B connection
.\"the connection manager,
.\".B cyrus
.\"the Cyrus SASL library interface,
.\".B filter
.\"the search filter processor,
.\".B getdn
.\"the DN normalization library,
.\".B index
.\"the database indexer,
.\".B liblber
.\"the ASN.1 BER library,
.\".B module
.\"the dynamic module loader,
.\".B operation
.\"the LDAP operation processors,
.\".B sasl
.\"the SASL authentication subsystem,
.\".B schema
.\"the schema processor, and
.\".B tls
.\"the TLS library interface. This is not an exhaustive list; there are many
.\"other subsystems and more are added over time.
.\"The levels are, in order of decreasing priority:
.\".B emergency, alert, critical, error, warning, notice, information, entry,
.\".B args, results, detail1, detail2
.\"An integer may be used instead, with 0 corresponding to
.\".B emergency
.\"up to 11 for
.\".BR detail2 .
.\".B entry
.\"level logs function entry points,
.\".B args
.\"adds function call parameters, and
.\".B results
.\"adds the function results to the logs.
.\".B detail1
.\".B detail2
.\"levels add even more low level detail from individual functions.
.B defaultsearchbase <dn>
Specify a default search base to use when client submits a
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