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Update SSF comments

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......@@ -534,7 +534,8 @@ The statements
.BR tls_ssf=<n> ,
.BR sasl_ssf=<n>
set the required Security Strength Factor (ssf) required to grant access.
set the minimum required Security Strength Factor (ssf) needed
to grant access. The value should be positive integer.
The field
.B <access> ::= [self]{<level>|<priv>}
......@@ -518,7 +518,7 @@ such as those to the ldapi:// listener. For a description of SSF values,
.BR sasl-secprops 's
.B minssf
property description. The default is 71.
option description. The default is 71.
.B loglevel <integer> [...]
Specify the level at which debugging statements and operation
......@@ -801,10 +801,11 @@ Specify the distinguished name for the subschema subentry that
controls the entries on this server. The default is "cn=Subschema".
.B security <factors>
Specify a set of factors (separated by white space) to require.
An integer value is associated with each factor and is roughly
equivalent of the encryption key length to require. A value
of 112 is equivalent to 3DES, 128 to Blowfish, etc..
Specify a set of security strength factors (separated by white space)
to require (see
.BR sasl-secprops 's
.B minssf
option for a description of security strength factors).
The directive may be specified globally and/or per-database.
.B ssf=<n>
specifies the overall security strength factor.
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