Commit 5b87c4c4 authored by Pierangelo Masarati's avatar Pierangelo Masarati
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some todo stuff

parent 9cce5e4c
- add a config statement, or redefine the dynamic backend one,
"modulepath", to set/modify the load path also for plugins
(both plugins and modules use ltdl, so "modulepath" suffices ...)
- improve slapi logging (use some [v]s[n]printf function)
- add a config statement to set the log file name, or better
- use syslog where available?
- add some plugin monitoring stuff in back-monitor (e.g. a subentry
for each plugin with data from struct Slapi_PluginDesc)
- This is a very tough task: try to implement a sandbox to execute
plugins in, trap deadly signals and possibly disable unsafe plugins
without crashing slapd (fork from inside thread? trap signals
and longjump to next plugin execution? Brrr).
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