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......@@ -126,10 +126,10 @@ The
.B \-h
option may be used to specify LDAP (and other scheme) URLs to serve.
For example, if slapd is given
.B "\-h \(dqldap:// ldaps:/// ldapi:///\(dq",
It will bind for LDAP, for LDAP over TLS,
.BR "\-h \(dqldap:// ldaps:/// ldapi:///\(dq" ,
it will listen on for LDAP, for LDAP over TLS,
and LDAP over IPC (Unix domain sockets). Host represents
INADDR_ANY (any interface).
A space separated list of URLs is expected. The URLs should be of
LDAP (ldap://) or LDAP over TLS (ldaps://) or LDAP over IPC (ldapi://)
scheme without a DN or other optional parameters, except an experimental
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