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Note perlModuleConfig, break in compatibility with older versions

parent 4e96cd46
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ following actions:
* add # adds an entry to backend,
* modrdn # modifies an entry's rdn,
* delete # deletes an ldap entry,
* config # process unknown config file lines,
* config # module-specific config directives,
* init # called after backend is initialized.
......@@ -120,9 +120,9 @@ Its arguments are as follows.
.B config
This method is called with unknown
This method is called once for each perlModuleConfig line in the
.BR slapd.conf (5)
configuration file lines.
configuration file.
Its arguments are as follows.
* object reference
......@@ -159,6 +159,9 @@ Add the path to the @INC variable.
Search results are candidates that need to be filtered (with the
filter in the search request), rather than search results to be
returned directly to the client.
.B perlModuleConfig <arguments>
Invoke the module's config method with the given arguments.
There is an example Perl module `SampleLDAP' in the slapd/back\-perl/
directory in the OpenLDAP source tree.
......@@ -179,6 +182,11 @@ operation is honored, which is performed by the frontend.
The interface of this backend to the perl module MAY change.
Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
Note: in previous versions, any unrecognized lines in the slapd.conf
file were passed to the perl module's config method. Now,
unrecognized lines are rejected as errors, and the perlModuleConfig
directive must be used to invoke the module's config method.
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