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ITS#9322 - Update recommended dependency verions

Update OpenSSL to recommend 1.1.1 series or later (1.0.2+ required)
Update GnuTLS to recommend 3.6.0 series or later (3.3.6+ required)
Update Cyrus-SASL to recommend 2.1.27 or later
Remove Kerberos section, since we no longer directly link to the krb5 libraries
Add section for LDAP load balancing proxy engine
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......@@ -15,14 +15,9 @@ H2: Dependency Versions
!block table; align=Center; coltags="N,EX,EX"; title="Table 8.5: OpenLDAP Software Dependency Versions"
{{TERM[expand]SASL}}|{{PRD:Cyrus SASL}}|2.1.21+
|{{PRD:MIT Kerberos}}|Version
|POSIX {{pthreads}}|Version
TCP Wrappers|Name|Version
{{TERM[expand]SASL}}|{{PRD:Cyrus SASL}}|2.1.27+
Threads:|POSIX {{pthreads}}|Version
......@@ -275,6 +275,7 @@ XED|XML Enabled Directory
XER|XML Encoding Rules
XML|Extensible Markup Language
syncrepl|LDAP Sync-based Replication
lloadd|LDAP Load Balancer
!block references; data; sort=Reference; style=grid
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