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Delete obsolete syncrepl provider/consumer details

parent 2b66ee44
......@@ -9,13 +9,10 @@ slapadd \- Add entries to a SLAPD database
.B [\-v]
.B [\-c]
.B [\-u]
.B [\-p]
.B [\-r]
.B [\-w]
.B [\-d level]
.B [\-b suffix]
.B [\-n dbnum]
.B [\-i rid1,rid2,...]
.B [\-f slapd.conf]
.B [\-l ldif-file]
......@@ -49,24 +46,10 @@ enable continue (ignore errors) mode.
.B \-u
enable dry-run (don't write to backend) mode.
.BI \-p
If the LDIF input represents a syncrepl consumer replica,
promote it to the syncrepl provider's content after adding
the entries.
.BI \-r
If the LDIF input represents a syncrepl provider, demote
it to the syncrepl consumer replica after adding the entries.
.BI \-w
When used with either
.B \-p
.B \-r,
rebuild the new syncrepl
information from the contents of the added entries.
The syncrepl information contained in the LDIF input
file is ignored.
write syncrepl context information.
After all entries are added, the contextCSN
will be updated with the greatest CSN in the database.
.BI \-d " level"
enable debugging messages as defined by the specified
......@@ -87,11 +70,6 @@ cannot be used in conjunction with the
.B \-b
.BI \-i " rid1,rid2,..."
Specify the replication ids for one or more syncrepl consumer
replicas contained in the LDIF input. If omitted, 0 is used
as the replication id.
.BI \-f " slapd.conf"
specify an alternative
.BR slapd.conf (5)
......@@ -8,8 +8,6 @@ slapcat \- SLAPD database to LDIF utility
.B SBINDIR/slapcat
.B [\-v]
.B [\-c]
.B [\-k]
.B [\-m]
.B [\-d level]
.B [\-b suffix]
.B [\-n dbnum]
......@@ -44,16 +42,6 @@ Enable verbose mode.
.B \-c
Enable continue (ignore errors) mode.
.B \-k
.B syncConsumerSubentry
of the syncrepl consumer in the generated LDIF output.
.B \-m
.B syncProviderSubentry
of the syncrepl provider in the generated LDIF output.
.BI \-d " level"
Enable debugging messages as defined by the specified
.IR level .
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