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ITS#9020 Reinstate olcAutomaticGroups and document its deprecation

See merge request !531
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......@@ -1709,7 +1709,7 @@ static ConfigTable agcfg[] = {
static ConfigOCs agocs[] = {
{ "( OLcfgCtOc:2.1 "
"NAME 'olcAutoGroupConfig' "
"NAME ( 'olcAutoGroupConfig' 'olcAutomaticGroups' ) "
"DESC 'Automatic groups configuration' "
"SUP olcOverlayConfig "
"MAY ( "
......@@ -93,10 +93,15 @@ The autogroup overlay has been reworked with the 2.5 release to use
a consistent namespace as with other overlays. As a side-effect the
following cn=config parameters are deprecated and will be removed in
a future release:
.IP \[bu] 2
.B olcAGattrSet
is replaced with olcAutoGroupAttrSet
.IP \[bu]
.B olcAGmemberOfAd
is replaced with olcAutoGroupMemberOfAd
.IP \[bu]
.B olcAutomaticGroups
is replaced with olcAutoGroupConfig
This module was originally written in 2007 by Michał
Szulczyński. Further enhancements were contributed by Howard
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