Commit 824ea93d authored by Hallvard Furuseth's avatar Hallvard Furuseth
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Fix ITS#6814: Restore filter2bv_x() prototype.

It was removed in proto-slap.h 1.814, but the function is still in use.
parent 09cd5ebc
......@@ -1095,6 +1095,7 @@ LDAP_SLAPD_F (int) get_filter LDAP_P((
LDAP_SLAPD_F (void) filter_free LDAP_P(( Filter *f ));
LDAP_SLAPD_F (void) filter_free_x LDAP_P(( Operation *op, Filter *f, int freeme ));
LDAP_SLAPD_F (void) filter2bv LDAP_P(( Filter *f, struct berval *bv ));
LDAP_SLAPD_F (void) filter2bv_x LDAP_P(( Operation *op, Filter *f, struct berval *bv ));
LDAP_SLAPD_F (void) filter2bv_undef LDAP_P(( Filter *f, int noundef, struct berval *bv ));
LDAP_SLAPD_F (void) filter2bv_undef_x LDAP_P(( Operation *op, Filter *f, int noundef, struct berval *bv ));
LDAP_SLAPD_F (Filter *) filter_dup LDAP_P(( Filter *f, void *memctx ));
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