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Plugin extension API

Expose SSF to plugin
parent cc6f3178
......@@ -243,6 +243,27 @@ int compute_rewrite_search_filter(Slapi_PBlock *pb);
int compute_evaluator(computed_attr_context *c, char *type, Slapi_Entry *e, slapi_compute_output_t outputfn);
int slapi_x_compute_get_pblock(computed_attr_context *c, Slapi_PBlock **pb);
/* object extensions */
typedef void *(*slapi_extension_constructor_fnptr)(void *object, void *parent);
typedef void (*slapi_extension_destructor_fnptr)(void *extension,
void *object, void *parent);
int slapi_register_object_extension( const char *pluginname,
const char *objectname, slapi_extension_constructor_fnptr constructor,
slapi_extension_destructor_fnptr destructor, int *objecttype,
int *extensionhandle);
#define SLAPI_EXT_CONNECTION "Connection"
#define SLAPI_EXT_OPERATION "Operation"
#define SLAPI_EXT_ENTRY "Entry"
#define SLAPI_EXT_MTNODE "Mapping Tree Node"
void *slapi_get_object_extension(int objecttype, void *object,
int extensionhandle);
void slapi_set_object_extension(int objecttype, void *object,
int extensionhandle, void *extension);
/* parameters currently supported */
......@@ -305,6 +326,7 @@ int slapi_x_compute_get_pblock(computed_attr_context *c, Slapi_PBlock **pb);
#define SLAPI_X_CONN_IS_UDP 1302
#define SLAPI_X_CONN_SSF 1303
/* Authentication types */
#define SLAPD_AUTH_NONE "none"
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