Commit 94ed6b41 authored by Sang Seok Lim's avatar Sang Seok Lim
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Cleanup unused fields of ComponentDesc

parent b07fc2e6
......@@ -2835,11 +2835,11 @@ typedef struct slap_component_desc {
/* Don't change the order of following four fields */
int cd_tag;
AttributeType *cd_comp_type;
struct berval cd_padding[2];/* ad_type, ad_cname */
struct berval cd_ad_type;/* ad_type, ad_cname */
struct berval cd_ad_cname;/* ad_type, ad_cname */
unsigned cd_flags; /*ad_flags*/
int cd_type;
int cd_type_id;
int cd_compref_type;
encoder_func *cd_ldap_encoder;
encoder_func *cd_gser_encoder;
encoder_func *cd_ber_encoder;
......@@ -2847,8 +2847,6 @@ typedef struct slap_component_desc {
ber_decoder_func *cd_ber_decoder;
comp_free_func *cd_free;
extract_component_from_id_func* cd_extract_i;
slap_syntax_validate_func *cd_validate;
slap_syntax_transform_func *cd_pretty;
allcomponent_matching_func *cd_all_match;
} ComponentDesc;
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