Commit 99ea7669 authored by Hallvard Furuseth's avatar Hallvard Furuseth
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mdb_cursor_sibling(): Fix error result

parent 8f075595
......@@ -4942,8 +4942,11 @@ mdb_cursor_sibling(MDB_cursor *mc, int move_right)
indx = NODEPTR(mc->mc_pg[mc->mc_top], mc->mc_ki[mc->mc_top]);
if ((rc = mdb_page_get(mc->mc_txn, NODEPGNO(indx), &mp, NULL) != 0))
if ((rc = mdb_page_get(mc->mc_txn, NODEPGNO(indx), &mp, NULL)) != 0) {
/* mc will be inconsistent if caller does mc_snum++ as above */
mc->mc_flags &= ~(C_INITIALIZED|C_EOF);
return rc;
mdb_cursor_push(mc, mp);
if (!move_right)
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