Commit 9d59b5a4 authored by Jong Hyuk Choi's avatar Jong Hyuk Choi
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ITS #2766 (remove slap_syncrepl_bvc & slap_syncrepl_cn_bvc from proto-slap.h)

parent 13f981fd
......@@ -1175,9 +1175,6 @@ LDAP_SLAPD_F (int) do_extended LDAP_P((Operation *op, SlapReply *rs));
* syncrepl.c
LDAP_SLAPD_V( const struct berval ) slap_syncrepl_bvc;
LDAP_SLAPD_V( const struct berval ) slap_syncrepl_cn_bvc;
LDAP_SLAPD_V (struct runqueue_s) syncrepl_rq;
LDAP_SLAPD_F (void) init_syncrepl LDAP_P(());
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