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Add overlay config stuff, handle overlay responses

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......@@ -46,6 +46,19 @@ connid: <connection ID>
.B socketpath <pathname>
Gives the path to a Unix domain socket to which the commands will
be sent and from which replies are received.
When used as an overlay, these additional directives are defined:
.B sockops [ bind | unbind | search | compare | modify | modrdn | add | delete ]*
Specify which request types to send to the external program. The default is
empty (no requests are sent).
.B sockresps [ result | search ]*
Specify which response types to send to the external program. "result"
sends just the results of an operation. "search" sends all entries that
the database returned for a search request. The default is empty
(no responses are sent).
The protocol is essentially the same as
.BR slapd\-shell (5)
......@@ -163,11 +176,16 @@ The \fBsearch\fP RESULT should be preceded by the entries in LDIF
format, each entry followed by a blank line.
Lines starting with `#' or `DEBUG:' are ignored.
When used as an overlay, the result message from the external
program is read and ignored. Also, the result from the operation is
sent to the external program, so the external program can see if the
operation succeeded or not. This message is similar to the RESULT
message above, but will also include any configured extensions:
When used as an overlay, the external program should return a
CONTINUE response if request processing should continue normally, or
a regular RESULT response if the external program wishes to bypass the
underlying database.
If the overlay is configured to send response messages to the external
program, they will appear as an extended RESULT message or as an
ENTRY message, defined below. The RESULT message is similar to
the one above, but also includes the msgid and any configured
......@@ -175,10 +193,21 @@ msgid: <message id>
code: <integer>
matched: <matched DN>
info: <text>
<blank line>
Typically both the msgid and the connid will be needed to match
a result message to a request.
a result message to a request. The ENTRY message has the form
msgid: <message id>
<entry in LDIF format>
<blank line>
.B sock
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