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More doc for MDB_NORDLOCK

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......@@ -265,11 +265,11 @@ typedef void (MDB_rel_func)(MDB_val *item, void *oldptr, void *newptr, void *rel
#define MDB_NOMETASYNC 0x40000
/** use writable mmap */
#define MDB_WRITEMAP 0x80000
/** use asynchronous msync when MDB_WRITEMAP is used */
/** use asynchronous msync when #MDB_WRITEMAP is used */
#define MDB_MAPASYNC 0x100000
/** tie reader locktable slots to #MDB_txn objects instead of to threads */
#define MDB_NOTLS 0x200000
/** don't use reader locktable at all, caller must manage read/write concurrency */
/** for #MDB_RDONLY env, don't use reader locktable, caller must manage read/write concurrency */
#define MDB_NORDLOCK 0x400000
/** @} */
......@@ -527,6 +527,11 @@ int mdb_env_create(MDB_env **env);
* user threads over individual OS threads need this option. Such an
* application must also serialize the write transactions in an OS
* thread, since MDB's write locking is unaware of the user threads.
* Don't use the reader locktable at all. This flag is only valid
* with #MDB_RDONLY. MDB will use no read locks. If other processes
* may be opening the environment with write access, the callers
* must manage read/write locks themselves.
* </ul>
* @param[in] mode The UNIX permissions to set on created files. This parameter
* is ignored on Windows.
......@@ -3900,7 +3900,7 @@ fail:
* environment and re-opening it with the new flags.
mdb_env_open(MDB_env *env, const char *path, unsigned int flags, mdb_mode_t mode)
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