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Added proxy-whoami keyword and some mention of connection pooling. Depends

on libldap_r, proxy authz control...
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......@@ -13,6 +13,15 @@ is not an actual database; instead it acts as a proxy to forward incoming
requests to another LDAP server. While processing requests it will also
chase referrals, so that referrals are fully processed instead of being
returned to the slapd client.
Sessions that explicitly Bind to the back-ldap database always create their
own private connection to the remote LDAP server. Anonymous sessions will
share a single anonymous connection to the remote server. For sessions bound
through other mechanisms, all sessions with the same DN will share the
same connection. This connection pooling strategy can enhance the proxy's
efficiency by reducing the overhead of repeatedly making/breaking multiple
.B slapd.conf
......@@ -59,6 +68,14 @@ check permissions.
.B bindpw <password>
Password used with the bind DN above.
.B proxy-whoami
Turns on proxying of the WhoAmI extended operation. If this option is
given, back-ldap will replace slapd's original WhoAmI routine with its
own. On slapd sessions that were authenticated by back-ldap, the WhoAmI
request will be forwarded to the remote LDAP server. Other sessions will
be handled by the local slapd, as before. This option is mainly useful
in conjunction with Proxy Authorization.
.B rebind-as-user
If this option is given, the client's bind credentials are remembered
for rebinds when chasing referrals.
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