Commit b5b19853 authored by Kurt Zeilenga's avatar Kurt Zeilenga
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Misc updates to the todo list

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......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ OpenLDAP 2.x Projects
Complete Unicode Support (ACLs, etc.)
client API update
Implement per referral callback
Implement per referral/continuation callback
Implement referral chasing options w/ referral callback
Update manual pages
......@@ -37,16 +37,11 @@ Implement LCUP
Medium projects
Modify -lldap to be reentrant/threadsafe implement LDAP
concurrency and ldap_dup drafts
Modify libraries to use application specified logging routines
Modify servers to use reentrant library functions
Add support for in-directory SASL secrets
Implement LDAP transactions
Implement subentries and collective attributes
Implement dNSReferral <draft-zeilenga-ldap-dnsref-xx.txt>
Implement authPassword (RFC 3112)
Implement localization
Implement LDAP transactions
Small projects
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