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ITS#9437, ITS#9470 - Document homedir, OTP overlays

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......@@ -74,12 +74,23 @@ It has no effect on any other operations.
Dynamic List.
This overlay allows expansion of dynamic groups and more.
.B homedir
Home Directory Provisioning.
This overlay manages creation/deletion of home directories for LDAP-based
Unix accounts.
.B memberof
This overlay maintains automatic reverse group membership values,
typically stored in an attribute called memberOf. This overlay
is deprecated and should be replaced with dynlist.
.B otp_2fa
Two factor authentication module.
This module allows time-based one-time password, AKA "authenticator-style",
and HMAC-based one-time password authentication to be used in applications
that use LDAP for authentication.
.B pbind
This overlay forwards simple bind requests on a local database to a
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
.\" Portions Copyright 2018 by Ondřej Kuzník, Symas Corp. All rights reserved.
.\" Copying restrictions apply. See COPYRIGHT/LICENSE.
slapo-otp \- Two factor authentication module
slapo-otp_2fa \- Two factor authentication module
.B moduleload
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