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syncrepl retry feature

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......@@ -1384,6 +1384,7 @@ one subordinate to another subordinate within the namingContext.
.B provider=ldap[s]://<hostname>[:port]
.B [type=refreshOnly|refreshAndPersist]
.B [interval=dd:hh:mm:ss]
.B [retry=[<retry interval> <# of retries>]+]
.B [searchbase=<base DN>]
.B [filter=<filter str>]
.B [scope=sub|one|base]
......@@ -1454,10 +1455,15 @@ operation, a synchronization search remains persistent in the provider slapd.
Further updates to the master replica will generate
.B searchResultEntry
to the consumer slapd as the search responses to the persistent
synchronization search. If the connection is lost, the consumer will
attempt to reconnect at an interval time (specified by
.B interval
parameter; 60 seconds by default) until the session is re-established.
synchronization search.
If an error occurs during replication, the consumer will attempt to
reconnect according to the
.B retry
parameter which is a list of the <retry interval> and <# of retries> pairs.
For example, retry="60 5 300 3" lets the consumer retry every 60 seconds
for the first 10 times and then retry every 300 seconds for the next three
times before stop retrying. + in <# of retries> means indefinite
number of retries until success.
The schema checking can be enforced at the LDAP Sync
consumer site by turning on the
.B schemachecking
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