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ITS#1749 added some descriptions for fetch, rewrite, rlookups, modules,

ldbm api/types
parent 5de276fa
......@@ -130,7 +130,6 @@ OL_ARG_ENABLE(referrals,[ --enable-referrals enable LDAPv2+ Referrals (experi
OL_ARG_ENABLE(kbind,[ --enable-kbind enable LDAPv2+ Kerberos IV bind (deprecated)], no)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(ipv6,[ --enable-ipv6 enable IPv6 support], auto)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(local,[ --enable-local enable AF_LOCAL (AF_UNIX) socket support], auto)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(rewrite,[ --enable-rewrite enable rewrite], no)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(x_compile,[ --enable-x-compile enable cross compiling],
no, [yes no])dnl
......@@ -140,7 +139,7 @@ dnl OL_ARG_ENABLE(dmalloc,[ --enable-dmalloc enable debug malloc support], no
OL_ARG_WITH(cyrus_sasl,[ --with-cyrus-sasl with Cyrus SASL support],
auto, [auto yes no] )
OL_ARG_WITH(fetch,[ --with-fetch with fetch URL support],
OL_ARG_WITH(fetch,[ --with-fetch with freeBSD fetch URL support],
auto, [auto yes no] )
OL_ARG_WITH(kerberos,[ --with-kerberos with Kerberos support],
auto, [auto k5 k5only k425 kth k4 afs yes no])
......@@ -172,50 +171,51 @@ OL_ARG_ENABLE(spasswd,[ --enable-spasswd enable (Cyrus) SASL password verif
OL_ARG_ENABLE(modules,[ --enable-modules enable dynamic module support], no)dnl
dnl OL_ARG_ENABLE(multimaster,[ --enable-multimaster enable multimaster replication], no)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(phonetic,[ --enable-phonetic enable phonetic/soundex], no)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(rlookups,[ --enable-rlookups enable reverse lookups], no)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(rewrite,[ --enable-rewrite enable DN rewriting in back-ldap and back-meta], no)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(rlookups,[ --enable-rlookups enable reverse lookups of client hostnames], no)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(slp, [ --enable-slp enable SLPv2 support], no)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(wrappers,[ --enable-wrappers enable tcp wrapper support], no)dnl
dnl SLAPD Backend options
OL_ARG_ENABLE(bdb,[ --enable-bdb enable Berkeley DB backend], yes)dnl
OL_ARG_WITH(bdb_module,[ --with-bdb-module module type], static,
OL_ARG_WITH(bdb_module,[ --with-bdb-module module type static|dynamic], static,
[static dynamic])
OL_ARG_ENABLE(dnssrv,[ --enable-dnssrv enable dnssrv backend], no)dnl
OL_ARG_WITH(dnssrv_module,[ --with-dnssrv-module module type], static,
OL_ARG_WITH(dnssrv_module,[ --with-dnssrv-module module type static|dynamic], static,
[static dynamic])
OL_ARG_ENABLE(ldap,[ --enable-ldap enable ldap backend], no)dnl
OL_ARG_WITH(ldap_module,[ --with-ldap-module module type], static,
OL_ARG_WITH(ldap_module,[ --with-ldap-module module type static|dynamic], static,
[static dynamic])
OL_ARG_ENABLE(ldbm,[ --enable-ldbm enable ldbm backend], no)dnl
OL_ARG_WITH(ldbm_api,[ --with-ldbm-api with LDBM API], auto,
OL_ARG_WITH(ldbm_api,[ --with-ldbm-api with LDBM API auto|berkeley|bcompat|mdbm|gdbm], auto,
[auto berkeley bcompat mdbm gdbm])
OL_ARG_WITH(ldbm_module,[ --with-ldbm-module module type], static,
OL_ARG_WITH(ldbm_module,[ --with-ldbm-module module type static|dynamic], static,
[static dynamic])
OL_ARG_WITH(ldbm_type,[ --with-ldbm-type use LDBM type], auto,
OL_ARG_WITH(ldbm_type,[ --with-ldbm-type use LDBM type auto|btree|hash], auto,
[auto btree hash])
OL_ARG_ENABLE(meta,[ --enable-meta enable metadirectory backend], no)dnl
OL_ARG_WITH(meta_module,[ --with-meta-module module type], static,
OL_ARG_WITH(meta_module,[ --with-meta-module module type static|dynamic], static,
[static dynamic])
OL_ARG_ENABLE(monitor,[ --enable-monitor enable monitor backend], no)dnl
OL_ARG_WITH(monitor_module,[ --with-monitor-module module type], static,
OL_ARG_WITH(monitor_module,[ --with-monitor-module module type static|dynamic], static,
[static dynamic])
OL_ARG_ENABLE(null,[ --enable-null enable null backend], no)dnl
OL_ARG_WITH(null_module,[ --with-null-module module type], static,
OL_ARG_WITH(null_module,[ --with-null-module module type static|dynamic], static,
[static dynamic])
OL_ARG_ENABLE(passwd,[ --enable-passwd enable passwd backend], no)dnl
OL_ARG_WITH(passwd_module,[ --with-passwd-module module type], static,
OL_ARG_WITH(passwd_module,[ --with-passwd-module module type static|dynamic], static,
[static dynamic])
OL_ARG_ENABLE(perl,[ --enable-perl enable perl backend], no)dnl
OL_ARG_WITH(perl_module,[ --with-perl-module module type], static,
OL_ARG_WITH(perl_module,[ --with-perl-module module type static|dynamic], static,
[static dynamic])
OL_ARG_ENABLE(shell,[ --enable-shell enable shell backend], no)dnl
OL_ARG_WITH(shell_module,[ --with-shell-module module type], static,
OL_ARG_WITH(shell_module,[ --with-shell-module module type static|dynamic], static,
[static dynamic])
OL_ARG_ENABLE(sql,[ --enable-sql enable sql backend], no)dnl
OL_ARG_WITH(sql_module,[ --with-sql-module module type], static,
OL_ARG_WITH(sql_module,[ --with-sql-module module type static|dynamic], static,
[static dynamic])
OL_ARG_ENABLE(tcl,[ --enable-tcl enable tcl backend], no)dnl
OL_ARG_WITH(tcl_module,[ --with-tcl-module module type], static,
OL_ARG_WITH(tcl_module,[ --with-tcl-module module type static|dynamic], static,
[static dynamic])
dnl ----------------------------------------------------------------
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