Commit cf6a9d9d authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu
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For LDAP_PROTO_IPC set the SASL EXTERNAL authid to allow the mech to be

used by the client side. Please review.
parent db98e44d
......@@ -353,6 +353,15 @@ ldap_int_open_connection(
ldap_int_sasl_open( ld, conn, sasl_host, sasl_ssf );
LDAP_FREE( sasl_host );
/* sasl_ssf is set redundantly. Should probably remove it from
* the ldap_int_sasl_open call since the TLS ssf isn't known
* yet anyway.
if( proto == LDAP_PROTO_IPC ) {
char authid[64];
sprintf( authid, "uid=%d+gid=%d", geteuid(), getegid() );
ldap_int_sasl_external( ld, conn, authid, sasl_ssf );
#ifdef HAVE_TLS
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