Commit d68041ce authored by Kurt Zeilenga's avatar Kurt Zeilenga
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Revert part of last (two) commits. Need additional infrastructure first.

parent 82d5ca4d
......@@ -803,18 +803,22 @@ backend_check_controls(
if( ctrls ) {
for( ; *ctrls != NULL ; ctrls++ ) {
if( !ldap_charray_inlist( op->o_bd->be_controls,
(*ctrls)->ldctl_oid ) )
if( (*ctrls)->ldctl_iscritical && !ldap_charray_inlist(
op->o_bd->be_controls, (*ctrls)->ldctl_oid ) )
/* Per RFC 2251 (and LDAPBIS discussions), if the control
* is recognized and appropriate for the operation (which
* we've already verified), then the server should make
* use of the control when performing the operation
* (without regard to criticality).
* (regardless of the criticality of the control).
* Here we find that operation extended by the control
* is not unavailable in a particular context, hence the
* return of unwillingToPerform.
* FIXME: As noted above, this check should be done
* regardless of the criticality of the control. The
* frontend infrastructure doesn't (yet) support this.
rs->sr_text = "control unavailable in context";
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